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Open Doors is driven by the dedication and generosity of our donors. Together, we are building a community where everyone's culture and language are respected and all people with disabilities are valued.

Supporters like you make possible the critical work of Open Doors: partnering with culturally and linguistically diverse individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities and their families to navigate services, provide specialized programming, and advocate for systems change.

$5: Provides a transportation stipend for a low income family to attend needed parent training to better understand their child’s education needs.

$25: Gives one recreational activity opportunity for a family to have fun together with their children to reduce social isolation.

$50: Provides supplies for a parent support group of 8 parents to meet, to socialize and provide emotional peer support to one other.

$200: Teaches a youth with a disability the value of working and motivates them to graduate with a diploma.

All donations are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

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